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Royal Chef Carolyn Robb

Youngest and first female Personal Chef to Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince William & Prince Harry, Entrepreneur with businesses in Dubai, California and the UK, Published Author, Culinary & Event Expert, Triathlete, Certified Fitness Instructor and Adoring Mother.

Carolyn Robb

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At the age of seven I visited Buckingham Palace. I vividly remember peering through the railings in the hopes of getting a glimpse of The Queen, (in the same way as many millions of tourists have done.) It was at this time that I told my father that one day I would like to cook for the Queen; never for a minute imagining that just 14 years after that I would be a young chef living and working at Kensington Palace! This was an adventure of mammoth proportions which afforded me experiences that were way beyond my wildest dreams. During the course of the next 13 years I cooked for every member of the British Royal family, many a president and an array of celebrities. I cooked in royal palaces and castles throughout the UK and in such far-flung corners of the world as Bhutan, Brazil, Kathmandu and Kuwait and also on the majestic royal yacht, HMY Britannia.


My culinary journey began as I gained my diploma in Cordon Bleu Cookery with distinction. This lead me into The Royal household and after an interview with Princess Diana I became personal chef to TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales. This was a position that required a lot more than simply a passion for great food. Managing several kitchens, an enthusiastic team, a budget, a diversity of suppliers and producers and a complex schedule of travel were all part of the remit. These skills teamed with a strong sense of dedication, motivation and an ability to overcome challenges have opened the doors to opportunities around the globe. Dubai and California presented contrasting insights into the corporate side of the culinary industry; whilst simultaneously I became a fitness instructor and triathlete. I have been married, widowed and am now hugely privileged to be a single parent.


I will share with you my story; the adventures and the adversity. I will discuss the strategies I use and the strengths I have needed to overcome challenges and fulfil my dreams.


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Carolyn Robb was born and raised in South Africa. She began to cook at a very early age; as soon as she could firmly grip a wooden spoon in her tiny hand and was able to read enough words to decipher a recipe she was in the kitchen at every opportunity!

After studying languages at University, Carolyn traveled to Switzerland to spend a winter season working in a ski resort hotel. 

The experience of Swiss hospitality inspired her to seriously pursue a career in food. Inspired by her mother, a wonderful cook, she had her sights set on cooking for the Queen one day… 

After studying languages at University, Carolyn traveled to Switzerland to spend a winter season working in a ski resort hotel. The experience of Swiss hospitality inspired her to seriously pursue a career in food. 

She attended the Tante Marie School of cookery in Surrey and after gaining her diploma in Cordon Bleu Cookery, with distinction she moved to Kensington Palace where she began work as chef to TRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. Two years later, in the summer of 1989, Carolyn was offered the position of chef to TRH The Prince and Princes of Wales.

After 13 years in the Royal Household, Carolyn left and moved to Dubai to work as Project Director for a newly established company called Chef’s Larder. Her remit included the opening of several delicatessens, offering an exclusive range of imported products never previously seen in Dubai, from all over the world.

She also established and implemented consultancy / training programmes in the top hotels, including the famous ‘seven star’ Burj al Arab and Al Maha Desert Resort. Carolyn had regular radio and television slots and wrote for several local publications.

After 15 months with Chef’s Larder, Carolyn took up the full time position of food editor for ‘Time Out’, which published magazines for both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This job entailed reviewing in excess of 50 restaurants a month – often 2 a day!

Testimonials from Speaking Engagements


“As president of Back -Roads Touring, I secured Carolyn Robb to speak at the British Consulate General’s official residence in New York at en event in collaboration with the UK government’s ‘Visit Britain’ department. The story of Carolyn’s prestigious position with Britian’s Royal Family and her extraordinary experiences and insights made compelling listening. The audience was impressed by her enthusiasm, communication skills and style of presentation.”

Steven Reynolds, President, Back-Roads Touring

"We were delighted to host Carolyn Robb as a part of our distinguished speaker series. She spoke eloquently of her life with the Royals with delightful anecdotes and good humor. Carolyn was a pleasure to work with and was engaging and thoughtful with our guests. We would be delighted to have her again."

Fiona Francois, President British American Business Council Los Angeles

"I have had the incredible honor and joy of hiring Carolyn Robb at the Halekulani Hotel in Hawaii, the Los Angeles Country Club in Los Angeles and at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai California. On all three occasions Carolyn was a keynote speaker as well as a celebrated guest chef for three separate programs. Ms.Robb is an engaging, entertaining and eloquent speaker. She mesmerized each audience in which different demographics were represented. I am constantly enchanted with Carolyn's stories, humor, depth and delivery of her messaging.

Chef Carolyn Robb can magically create a "Royal Feast" or intimate dinner for the elite whereby each dish is not only a culinary delight but a work of art which in all three instances, were tailored to a specific demographic. Carolyn is an amazing individual who can dazzle any group with her authenticity, positive spirit and unending talent."

Janis Clapoff, Managing Director, Lake Austin Spa Resort

I have worked with Carolyn for four years now on a significant number of events. Prior to the event, she is a great pleasure to work together with to ensure the guests will have the best possible experience. At the event, her delivery, personalization and compassion towards the guests is exactly what the guests desire. Our many guests over the years have loved their experiences shared with Carolyn. After the event, many guests go out of their way to compliment her on the overall experience. They are delighted even further upon their return home to find her cookbook. Start to finish, my overall experience working with Carolyn has been quite favorable and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Art Cox | Product Manager, Europe

We retained Royal Chef Carolyn Robb to speak at the British Embassy in Japan. Her fascinating speech surpassed our expectations. Carolyn's heart-felt talk gave unique insights into her incredible position as the youngest and first female Personal Chef to TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales and the young Princes William and Harry. Carolyn described in detail the complexities of this extraordinary job. Most importantly, her speech touched on her strategies for performing consistently at the highest level and motivating the team around her.

Ted Larkins, CEO, Blue Sky Entertainment

Carolyn's speaking event at Nestle's German headquarters was a success due to her preparation, expertise, and professionalism. Her inspirational story was greatly appreciated.

Sir Michael Lou, CEO
V.I.P. Entertainment
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